A rehearsal : Top Girls


 On Wednesday, January 9th  , the students of the British Section were rehearsing Caryl Churchill's Top Girls , at the MJC (La Baule) on the very stage on which they will perform to the public on the 1st and 2nd of February.

    The group is only made of girls . These young actresses follow the group of actors who performed brilliantly, late December, The History Boys under the direction of William Blasco.

    Top Girls is part of the program and of the contemporary repertoire. The author was born in 1938, it committed through this play a reflection on women's empowerment . The main character, Marlene, is destined for a great career in the Top Girls agency. She comes from the countryside of England, full of traditions, where her sister and niece still live . In London, she tries to build her present and her future, surrounded by women who are all female destinies, resigned or struggling.
    Good atmosphere for this long afternoon. Many students rehearse on the stage, with their costumes, under the watchful guidance of Ms. Blasco . Other revise their lines, sing (in English) in the lobby of the MJC, accompanying themselves with the piano.


    Some have already acted last year in the play Our Country 's Good . Why did you continue the adventure of theater this year ? "It's great, everyone can thrive in a collective enterprise.", "Acting allows a better understanding of the play. ", "This is an interesting and fun experience. " What does Mary, who has joined the cast this year, think ? "I did theater for 8 years, out of school , and when I saw the work done last year for Our Country 's Good , I wanted to be a part of it. "



What does this play bring to young girls in 2013 ? The action takes place in the 80s . Are these feminist struggles relevant ? -" Yes, perhaps , but not in the same ways. " Our young actresses feel that the status of women has changed ! Some situations are a little too far for them to reach (maybe because they are younger than their characters ) . Delphine said she " had to make an effort to get into the role of Jeanine, a young secretary looking for a job. " Choosing between a family life and the constraints of a job : is it a dilemma for women today ? The young company hesitates : 

... Coline notes that " in their time, these women were avant-garde. "


    Marie rightly concludes by saying that her character has confidence in herself, while she is not as asserted.

 Beyond Feminism , isn't building self-confidence the most important ?



    Top Girls , a play to see and ponder on !









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